Alibaba listed, haihao steel pipe fitting group also focus on it

     On September 19, 2014, Alibaba officially listed in nyse, which determined the IPO price is $68, and on the same day opening priceis in $92.7, corresponding to the market value of $228.5 billions. So after apple, Google and Microsoft, Alibaba become the world’s fourth-largest high-tech company and second largest Internet companies.
     Ali became the headlines around the world. Chinese market and China’s Internet business have become a global focus, a global Internet, a landmark event in the history.
    So, what are the new trend for China’s market from alibaba? Many mid companies relied on the internet are so glad to listen to the news. Haihao, as a steel pipe fittings manufacturer, will also take the advanture of alibaba. The best quality and best customer servie are our final goal. Also as a member of e-commerce in China, we will try our best to fufill the customer’s order in perfect condition.