Eccentric reducer (Ecc reducer)

The eccentric reducer is another kind of reducer which is different from the concentric reducer .As we know , the concentric reducer has two ends in same centerline , the two ends of eccentric reducer have one side in same level.So the shape of the eccentric reducer looks like | .



Because of its shape, the eccentric reducer is always used in horizontal piping systems. For example, if you use a con reducer in the water draining piping, you have to tilt the pipe and reducer to get it to drain . or you have to recalculate and arrange different pipe support systems when you use a concentric reducer to connect the two pipes. So the Horizontal piping reducers are always eccentric, they are better choice for bottom flat or top flat .  



In the butt welding pipe reducer market, the concentric reducer quantity is higher than the eccentric reducer.

The reason : 1. The price of the concentric reducer is cheaper than the eccentric one. 2.In the welding , the concentric reducer is easy to install , no need to consider the alignment. 

Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9, MSS-SP-75, DIN 2616, EN 10253-2 , JIS B2311, GOST 17376,

Material: ASTM A234,ASTM A860, ASTM 403,DIN 17175, EN10228 …Carbon steel, stainless steel , alloy steel.

Size: 1/2″-72″. DN15-DN1800

Connect method: Butt welding.

Type:    Seamless:DN15-DN600,

Welded : DN15-DN1800